Our Process

Peace of mind in every step

Approach you can Trust.

As humans, we were – and still are – clients ourselves. And we know what it means to have to give your money to someone you don’t know enough even if it’s in exchange to a service or product you actually need. Therefore, we make sure our transparent approach guarantees you peace of mind in every step of the way!

  • Flexible plan based model
  • Legally protected terms
  • Free after-sale trials
  • Caring support, around the clock
  • Premium security & performance

It doesn't end here!

Our approach is to consider - and treat - our clients as partners. Therefore, once published with Digicartel your website qualifies for the following:

A Step by Step Walkthrough

1. Booking a Plan

You picked and booked your preferred plan. Our agents will follow up with a call and/or email to confirm your website plan booking.

2. Discovery Application

You'll fill a 3 minute online form so we know more about your project, goals & expectations. We will then schedule a discovery meeting.

3. Custom Proposal

We will send you a proposal based on your discovery application which includes: time and cost estimates as well as deliverables and duties.

4. Signature & Payment*

You accepted our proposal as-is or negotiated it. Then both parties sign the contract. You deposit the first 50% of your investment.

5. Asset Collection

We collect your site content: copy, media files, sitemap etc. As well as credentials if we're working on an existing website.

6. Initial Prototype

We will design a single page prototype based on the vision and information we gathered from our discovery meeting & form.

7. Development & Revisions

Once the design is approved, we will develop the rest of your website. We will then add its content and test it until everything runs smoothly.

8. Launch & Payment**

You rule the world! You approved the website and completed your investment. It's now published and accessible on your domain.

* Down payment of at least 50% of the project fees.
** Payment completion of the other 50% of the project fees.