About Us

Our story, vision & values


We are the good cartel.

The average google definition of Cartels is that they are organizations that unite in order to keep production prices at a certain level. Mostly high. But that’s not Digicartel’s case. We are a group of Digital creators who dared to break the norm and set a new, better, more client oriented meaning to the word cartel. Where can we do it? In what we do best: Digital Media. That’s enough to explain the name, eh?

Although the idea, as well as the working experience were there, Digicartel didn’t see light until 2018. Founded by Ali M. Kojok, a freelancer-turned-digital entrepreneur, Digicartel passed through all the loops that seem inevitable to modern day digital startups.

From tons of ideas on paper to several attempts to build the right brand, not ending in finding the right mission, Digicartel today serves a very well picked selection of valuable clients from around the globe. And we vow to keep offering unmatched digital services that fit our values.

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MISSION & Vision

Open Digital World.

Our mission is simple. We are dedicated to providing premium digital services varying between web design, development & support, as well as digital branding and marketing to clients around the globe. Allowing everyone equal opportunity of access to affordable digital services.

Digicartel strives to be a leading provider of high-end digital services not only in Lebanon and MENA, but also around the world. And while at it, we want to expand our team and our clientele to reach more than 200 international clients by the end of 2022.

Currently, Digicartel is on the way to become a green agency. Our main goal is to become 100% green by the end of 2020. For that, we defined values we believe in which can be found below.


We Believe In

Deforestation-Free Future

The crisis is already on & we all should take part in fighting deforestation. Digicartel invests 5% of our profits supporting plantation.

Restore Our Earth

Just like deforestation, plastic pollution is unbearable. We recycle as much as we can & soon we'll help you send us your unwanted plastic.

Accessibility for All

Among the very wide range of digital services we offer, we make sure to meet our clients' as well as their audiences' accessibility needs.